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Best BBQ in the UK 2024: gas and charcoal barbeques

Sun's out, buns out - the best BBQs to enhance your outdoor cooking experience

Best oudoor grill in the uk 2023 lead

You’re here because you want to buy the best BBQ in the UK, and that’s exactly what you’ll find below — a list of the best barbeques to help fill those sunny days and mild nights with hot, tasty, delicious food. If you’re in the US, then you’ll want to take a look at our list of the best outdoor grills.

There are plenty of gas and charcoal options across a variety of price points, so let’s dive right in, shall we?

What’s the best BBQ in the UK?

We reckon Char-Broil’s Gas2Coal hybrid model (buy now) is one of the best choices for most people, given its ability to use both gas and charcoal for cooking. You can even use gas to quickly and easily ignite the charcoal, making for a much faster all-charcoal experience, if you prefer.

Other BBQ recommendations

The Char-Broil’s Gas2Coal isn’t quite right for you? Fear not, for there are plenty of other grills we recommend:

Best charcoal BBQ

The Weber Master-Touch (buy now) blends Weber’s iconic Kettle design with smarter functionality (including modular accessories and a lid holder), the Master-Touch is a premium charcoal BBQ with superb performance, and looks to match.

Best gas BBQ

The Landmann Triton MaxX 4.1 (buy now) has plenty of space for even the largest of get-togethers, with a built-in warming rack to help serve everything simultaneously. It’s the included infrared side grill though, that sets it apart — perfect for searing steaks at blistering temperatures.

Best gas outdoor flat-top griddle

The Blackstone 36-inch Flat Top Griddle Station (buy now) proves there’s nothing like a flat-top griddle for perfect smash burgers, browned steaks, eggs, omelettes, or pretty much anything else you care to think of. It’s one of the very best, and is built to last.

If you’re looking for a portable BBQ, then check out our guide to the best portable BBQ, too.

The best BBQs in the UK you can buy today:


1. Char-Broil Gas2Coal

Stuff Verdict

Char-Broil’s hybrid grill effortlessly transitions between gas and charcoal cooking, making it perfect for indecisive users, and it includes a side burner and warming rack.


  • Hybrid fuel is really useful
  • Very economic on gas usage


  • Coal tray can be difficult to clean
  • Takes a while to assemble
Char-Broil Gas2Coal specs
FuelGas and charcoal
Weight63.7 kg

If you’re indecisive, then Char-Broil’s hybrid model is one of the best choices for you, thanks to its ability to convert from gas to charcoal in less than 60 seconds. Simply remove the supplied charcoal tray, and cook with regular gas burners if you’re short on time with hungry mouths to feed.

If you’ve got a hankering for old-fashioned charcoal though, load up the tray, and handily light the charcoal with the gas burners themselves — no chimney stacks or lighter materials required. The charcoal tray itself also helps prevent flare-ups, resulting in more even cooking.

Better yet, there’s a built-in side burner for additional cooking powers, along with a warming rack and porcelain-coated cast iron grates for longevity and easy cleaning.


2. Weber Master-Touch

Stuff Verdict

The Weber Master-Touch charcoal BBQ offers a refined take on the iconic Kettle design, with added height, a deeper lid with a built-in holder.


  • Tuck-Away lid holder is very useful
  • Versatile design


  • Not the most stable on un-even ground
  • Much more expensive than cheaper models
Weber Master-Touch specs
Weight21.3 kg

Weber’s Original Kettle charcoal BBQ is one of the most iconic choices and one that will spring to mind for most people. But we’re big fans of the Master-Touch model, which keeps the essence of the Kettle, while serving up a multitude of improvements in the process.

It’s a little taller, for starters, making for a more comfortable grilling experience. The lid is a little deeper too, and can be handily stored in a built-in lid holder, which is an improvement over the original’s lid hook. The addition of Weber’s Gourmet BBQ System grill is another big draw, letting you swap out different modules like pizza stones for more versatility. It’s easy to clean too, thanks to a clever ash sweeping/collection system, and we think the Slate Blue variant, in particular, is rather dashing.

Overall, if you’re a charcoal fan, this is a BBQ that will serve you well for years to come, while looking superb in the process.


3. Landmann Triton MaxX 4.1

Stuff Verdict

This spacious four-burner grill features enamel-coated steel flame tamers for even heat distribution, a warming rack, a modular cooking system for accessories like pizza stones etc.


  • Enamel coating for even heat distribution
  • Large cooking area


  • Could be too large for some
Landmann Triton MaxX 4.1 specs
Weight‎47 kg

Landmann’s capacious four-burner entry has more than enough space to feed large, ravenous groups, with specially designed enamel-coated steel flame tamers to help distribute heat evenly across the grill. A built-in warming rack lets you serve everything at an appropriate temperature at the same time, while a modular cooking system supports extra accessories like pizza stones.

The real star of the show though, is the infrared side burner, which is capable of reaching a blistering 1500°F (800 °C). This makes it an absolute godsend for creating perfectly seared steaks in record time, letting you create perfect outer crusts without over-cooking the insides. Once you’ve tried infrared, you’ll never want to sear on anything else ever again.

4. Blackstone 36-inch Outdoor Flat Top Gas Griddle Station

Stuff Verdict

A top choice for those who appreciate this style of cooking, offering ample space for various dishes, four independent heat zones for precision cooking.


  • Massive grilling surface
  • Four heat zones for lots of control


  • Side trays don’t fold for storage
  • Heavy
Blackstone 36-inch Outdoor Flat Top Gas Griddle Station specs
Weight58 kg

If you’re sold on the wonderful world of flat-top griddles, then you can’t get much better than Blackstone. This huge gas-powered 36in model is one of the best BBQs in the UK, and features more than enough space for feeding smash burgers to a horde of hungry guests — though there’s nothing stopping you from using it for stir-fries, pancakes, eggs, or anything else you require.

Four independent heat zones provide plenty of control over your cooks, while there’s plenty of space on either side for storage/prep. If you find yourself cooking in cast iron skillets, why not cut out the middleman and cook directly on this massive surface instead? You won’t regret it.

5. Royal Gourmet Portable Table Top Gas Grill Griddle

Stuff Verdict

Despite the absence of grill lines, the flat-top griddle excels, ideal for smash burgers, versatile for various dishes, and portable for both backyard and camping use.


  • Lightweight and portable
  • Non-stock grill top


  • Tricky to control temprature
  • Takes a while to heat up
Royal Gourmet Portable Table Top Gas Grill Griddle specs
Weight13.3 kg

Don’t be put off by the flat-top nature of this griddle. Yes, the lack of bars means no aesthetic grill lines, but it makes up for it in practically every other way. The flat surface means that everything from burgers and sausages, to steaks and vegetables will make full contact with a heated surface, resulting in a much better, more consistent Maillard reaction (aka, the delicious browning that makes food extra delicious).

This also makes it a perfect choice for smash burger fans, who can press down balls of mince to create super-slim and crispy patties for multi-layered burgers bursting with flavour. Throw in the fact that this is easily portable for both backyard and camping use, and it could potentially even replace your dedicated BBQ. Win-win.

6. Masterbuilt Gravity Series 1050

Stuff Verdict

Masterbuilt’s Gravity Series 1050 boasts a capacious hopper, long cook times, cast-iron grates, digital controls, and convenient features for a hassle-free backyard cookout.


  • Digital controls are super innovative
  • So many smart design details


  • No real direct heat cooking
  • Very heavy
Masterbuilt Gravity Series 1050 specs
Weight92 kg

Masterbuilt’s Gravity Series is aptly named, with the 1050 model featuring a capacious gravity-fed hopper capable of fuelling your cooks for a whopping 12-15 hours of use. Supporting up to 9.9lbs (4.5kg) of lump charcoal or 15.4lbs (7kg) of briquettes, you can enjoy slow-cooked delicacies like brisket and ribs without being chained to your outdoor cooking station.

Cast-iron grates produce perfectly-seared results, while a digital control panel, complete with an accompanying Bluetooth/Wi-Fi controlled app, make keeping an eye on everything a breeze too. With convenient racks and numerous shelves, it’s got everything you need for a hassle-free backyard cookout.

7. Royal Gourmet Charcoal Grill

Stuff Verdict

Affordable, capacious charcoal grill with durable grates, adjustable heat, built-in smoker, and extras for excellent value.


  • Great price
  • Porcelain-enamelled steel cooking grates


  • Smoker box could be larger
Royal Gourmet Charcoal Grill specs
Weight22.8 kg

This capacious, affordable charcoal grill features ample cooking space, along with porcelain-enamelled steel cooking grates for durability and performance. A built-in thermometer provides an easy way to keep an eye on the temperature at a glance, while a height-adjustable charcoal pan allows for quick and easy control over the level of cooking heat.

If that wasn’t enough, it also has a useful built-in offset smoker, complete with its own lid, letting you smoke anything from meat to vegetable side dishes for an extra dash of BBQ goodness. An included cover, utensil hooks, and a smoke stack, round off the features rather nicely. Plenty for your money, at this price.

8. Everdure by Heston Blumenthal Hub charcoal BBQ

Stuff Verdict

Heston Blumenthal-approved Hub BBQ combines style and performance but comes with a hefty price tag, offering a design statement and a built-in rotisserie system for culinary excellence.


  • Attractive design
  • Rotisserie system is so impressive


  • Expensive
  • More accessories should be included
Everdure by Heston Blumenthal Hub charcoal BBQ specs
Weight40 kg

If a BBQ has world-renowned chef Heston Blumenthal’s seal of approval, it’s not going to be cheap. Or ordinary. And the charcoal-fuelled Hub BBQ makes good on both.

Hefty price tag aside, you’re clearly getting something that’s far more refined than your average heap of industrialised, functional metal. With sharp lines, rounded corners, and angular legs, it’s as much a design talking point as it is a food-searing powerhouse.

On that note, it’s a heck of a performer too, managing to stand out from the rest of the competition with its built-in rotisserie system. From succulent chicken to mouth-watering pork, the possibilities for both taste and visual theatre are endless. And if you require something a little easier, there’s an electric-powered version too.


9. Tepro Grillwagen Toronto

Stuff Verdict

Tepro’s Grillwagen offers excellent value with speedy assembly, a generous grilling area, warming rack, ash collection tray, and adjustable coal height for perfect cooking, all at an affordable price.


  • Affordable price
  • Super quick assembly time


  • Build quality isn’t the best
  • Instructions could be better
Tepro Grillwagen Toronto specs
Weight27 kg

While Tepro’s Grillwagen is lacking in the brand recognition department, it more than makes up for it with excellent bang for your buck. The cheapest offering on our list, this is a charcoal BBQ that offers plenty to love, including a speedy assembly time of just 30 minutes.

A generous grilling area is made even better by a built-in warming rack and handy ash collection tray, while a Grid in Grid system lets you pop in modular accessories like pizza stones if you wish to mix things up.

The best part, though, is a built-in handle that can be turned to raise and lower the coals, letting you change the intensity of the heat to achieve the perfect finish. If you’ve ever suffered from burnt buns or overly sizzled sausages in the past, this will be a particularly useful defence mechanism.


10. LotusGrill XXL

Stuff Verdict

A smokeless charcoal grill with battery-powered fans for quick heating, temperature control, and safety, available in eye-catching designs.


  • Easy to use and quick to light
  • Stays cool to touch and move when lit


  • Requires batteries
  • Don’t forget your lighting gel
LotusGrill XXL specs
Weight22 kg

If you fancy that delicious charcoal flavour without the pesky smoke, then LotusGrill’s clever grill should be your first choice. Its built-in battery-powered fans not only help your coals come to temperature in a blistering five minutes, but the extra aeration they provide also results in far less smoke than a regular charcoal BBQ.

You can even adjust the speed of the fans to control the temperature, and the generous grill size of the XXL model should be good enough to feed around 20 people. It looks the part too, with a range of eye-catching colours and a UFO-like design.

Its closed-container nature also reduces the risks of flying sparks and escaping embers, providing extra peace of mind if you’re surrounded by curious pets and inquisitive toddlers.

11. Char-Broil Kettleman

Stuff Verdict

Char-Broil’s Kettleman BBQ offers efficient charcoal use with 360-degree air inlet holes, TRU-Infrared tech for even cooking, and juicier results, making it a standout choice.


  • Easy to move
  • Temperature control is easy


  • Assembly takes a while
  • Coals are quite close to the cooking grate
Char-Broil Kettleman specs
Weight17 kg

Char-Broil’s answer to Weber’s iconic kettle BBQ is far from a mere shape-inspired copy. Thanks to some clever design features, it promises to do more with less charcoal. In other words, you can cut back on how much charcoal you use per cook, while getting more heat out of it. Neat.

The first of these clever design tricks is the 360-degree air inlet holes that surround the main body of the BBQ itself, letting plenty of oxygen get sucked in to fuel those flames at all times. Not only that, but the Kettleman also has Char-Broil’s TRU-Infrared tech, which prevents flare-ups for more evenly cooked food.

This not only creates an even temperature across the entire grill surface, but the end result also provides juicier food than normal. Up to 50 per cent juicer, in fact, according to Char-Broil. Consider us sold.


12. Weber Genesis EPX-335

Stuff Verdict

Weber’s Genesis gas grill offers premium features: 3 burners, sear zone, real-time temperature monitoring, expandable grate, and more, making it a high-end outdoor kitchen.


  • Illuminated controls
  • Incredible high quality


  • Very expensive
  • Batteries required
Weber Genesis EPX-335 specs
Weight‎97 kg

After the Lambo of gas grills? Look no further than Weber’s eye-wateringly expensive Genesis. Featuring three gas burners and an extra large sear zone, it also has an expandable top cooking grate for simultaneous grilling, letting you whip up mains and sides at the same time.

Its biggest trick though, lies in its smart real-time food temperature monitoring, which lets you keep an eye on internal meat temperatures remotely via your smartphone, letting you achieve perfectly delicious results without any guesswork involved.

Compatible with Weber’s Gourmet Barbecue System, you can add additional accessories as you see fit, and it even has built-in illumination, for night-time grilling sessions. With an extra side burner, generous side shelves, hooks, and a spacious cabinet, it’s practically an outdoor kitchen in its own right.

Is a charcoal BBQ or a gas BBQ better?

Choosing between a charcoal barbeque and a gas barbeque depends on several factors, we’ll go through them all below.

In terms of taste, a charcoal BBQ generally provides a smoky flavour that many grill enthusiasts love. The high heat and smoky aroma from the burning charcoal can enhance the taste of grilled foods significantly. On the other hand, while a gas BBQ may not impart the same intense smoky flavour, it can still produce delicious grilled food. Some gas grills even come with smoker boxes to add a hint of smokiness, though it may not be as pronounced as with charcoal.

Convenience is another major consideration. Charcoal barbeques take longer to heat up and require more effort to maintain a consistent temperature. Additionally, cleaning up ash and disposing of charcoal can be more time-consuming. In contrast, gas barbeques are quick to start and offer easy temperature control, making them more convenient for quick grilling sessions. Cleaning a gas BBQ is generally easier as well, with no ash to dispose of.

When it comes to cost, charcoal BBQs are typically less expensive upfront than gas grills. However, the ongoing cost of charcoal can add up over time, whereas gas can be more economical in the long run, as propane or natural gas is generally cheaper and more efficient than buying charcoal regularly.

When considering environmental impact, charcoal BBQs produce more carbon emissions and particulate matter, contributing to air pollution. Charcoal production also involves deforestation and can be less sustainable. Gas BBQs burn cleaner than charcoal, producing fewer emissions and making them a more environmentally friendly option.

In terms of versatility, charcoal grills offer higher cooking temperatures, which can be better for searing meat. They also allow for different cooking methods, such as direct and indirect grilling. Gas grills, however, provide precise temperature control and often come with additional features like side burners and rotisserie attachments, enhancing their versatility.

Ultimately, if you prioritize flavour and don’t mind spending extra time on preparation and cleanup, a charcoal barbeque might be the better choice. However, if you value convenience, ease of use, and a cleaner-burning option, a gas barbeque would be more suitable.

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