4 reasons why you must drop by at the Aptronix flagship store

Welcome to Apple-verse!

If being Apple’s largest partner in India wasn’t enough, Aptronix took another bite from the forbidden fruit and launched a first-of-its-kind flagship retail store at High Street Phoenix in Mumbai. 

Launched over the weekend with a big bang, a diverse range of interactive events and concerts for a select few and the biggest display of Apple products, accessories and a vast array of complementary products to choose from - all under one roof! 

Now we can give you a reason or two why you should buy an Apple product, but here’s 4 reasons why you must drop everything and visit the store anyway… 


1. It’s B-I-G

It’s charming walking into the little (well, sprawled across 8000 sq. ft.) Apple universe. The two-floor store replicates Apple’s minimalist design sensibility, a modern appeal and creative layout. There’s everything - from all of Apple’s products - iPads, watches, phones and laptops - to accessories by Apple and partner brands. If you want sound, they’ve got Marshall. You want a tech toy, there’s a separate section for displaying and experiencing droids like R2-D2, Sphero and Miko. If that’s not enough, and a whole big area reserved upstairs for… hold your breath… Apple products service. That’s exactly the second reason why you must head to Lower Parel right now...


2. The 2-in1 experience

That’s a first, right? An Aptronix store that doubles up as a service centre. Ogle while you wait seems to be a whole new experience. There’s actually more to it. The upstairs isn’t just reserved as a service space. It’s more like a ‘community space for Apple fans’ - an area where the good Aptronix folks intend to conduct various workshops across photography, film making, music creation, art and design. Look forward to some thinker alikers in the space when you opt for one of these workshops. For all you know, this little socialising could actually turn out to be better than speed dating!


3. Cashback offers

Here’s another first. Premium bank tie-ups bring you the maximum cashback offers that we’ve seen in a while. With 10% being the norm, the store is offering a 15% cash back for Citi Bank customers. While Apple is the parasitic Siamese twin we can not live without, maybe even our drug of choice, but the prospect of cash back brings the sparkle right back in our eyes. Make sure you use the cash back to good use and not splurge on an indulgent meal right after visiting the store. 


4. Special treatment

Another feather in the ‘Premium’ hat is the privilege of kissing goodbye to long queues. The Silver and Black membership (for ₹5000 and ₹10,000 per year) is a small price to pay for the benefits on offer. Insurance and cashback are the tip of the iceberg. The best return from the extra dough you shell out is that, along with priority (read 'at home') service, Apple maniacs also get the first access to the newest product launches. With a privilege like that, we’d happily relinquish our right to refusal. Wouldn’t you?