Don't be shy, make a new friend over a cup of joe with The Coffee Connector

Singapore's Economic Development Board unveils a new coffee machine that connects two absolute strangers while it dispenses two piping hot drinks for caffeine lovers
Don't be shy, make a new friend over a cup of joe with The Coffee Connector

Here's a situation that's all too familiar - you're at the coffee dispenser during a conference with another stranger. You give that slightly crooked and socially awkward grin, but feel too shy to break the ice.

The Singapore Economic Development Board (EDB) has a solution for such awkward moments with a new social lubricant tool (no, not that kind) that dispenses two personalised cups of coffee simultaneously.

Meet The Coffee Connector. But it does more than dispense a great cup of joe to keep you awake during those boring conferences. As its name implies, it connects two strangers by prompting drinkers to key in their names, interests and habits before it dispenses the elixir of life. Clearly, the invention itself would make a great conversation starter, and you'll need to work together to sate your caffeine addiction.

The Coffee Connector, described as a symbol of forging global business partnerships, was unveiled at The Big Rethink conference to C-level execs. The device was fashioned through a partnership between Singaporean company, The Secret Little Agency (TSLA), New York based StrawberryFrog, and creative tech firm based in Rhode Island, TellArt.

“The Coffee Connector’s visual appeal underscores its other technological purpose: generating new and meaningful connections between users who may otherwise have never met,” The Secret Little Agency chief creative officer, Hanyi Lee, told Marketing Interactive.

Marked by its success in building relationships at the event, EDB will henceforth use the machine for its subsequent events and conferences across the USA throughout this year and 2015.

Guess it’s time to dump that old coffee machine sitting in the pantry and coincidentally get your coffee at the same time with the office cutie.

Source: Marketing-Interactive