The Chairos Signature series from QNet blings the wrists with two new models

Time for some timepieces
08 May 2020 / 16:47IST

The Chairos Signature series, the High-end luxury watch division of QNet, is bringing all-new additions to the series that are exquisitely crafted to add some class to the discerning wrist. The Chairos Cardinal and Chairos Opus are here and here are some lowdown on these wristy companions. Both models feature sapphire glass crystal lenses for extreme durability and both are water-resistant up to 50m. The Cardinal also features a Swiss-made automatic hand movement (a first by the Chairos Brand) that is powered by the continuous movement of the wearer’s wrist, which means no battery or winding is required to operate the watch. The Cardinal is available in two stainless steel bracelet options with a black dial and luminous watch hands. The Opus, on the other hand, is a limited edition watch for couples with gold and silver accents and a Swiss-made Quartz hand movement. The Chairos Opus is available for ₹1,75,000 while the Chairos Cardinal is priced at ₹1,81,000.