Now Amway promises to purify your air with Atmosphere Mini

Certified by Allergy UK and a promise of 99.99% efficiency
01 October 2019 / 15:16IST

The festival of lights, Diwali is around the corner and shoppers are saving every penny they have to get the best of the sales and offers that will show up soon. However, while most are thinking of smartphones to large screen entertainments and big audio speakers, probably no one is thinking about health appliances. With the massive pollution that will hit us during the festival, it’s important to safeguard your family’s health, and the only option you have is to invest on a good air purifier. Amway, a known brand into health products, has introduced Atmosphere Mini, a small air purifier that promises to keep your air at home as healthy as it should be. Boasting of a certification from Allergy UK and a HEPA filter that can capture particles as tiny as 0.0024 microns, this little guy also promises 99.99% efficiency. Dust, and allergens like pollens and house mites will also be taken care of. Being small in size, this purifier is highly portable and using the app, you can also remotely operate it with ease. Get one for every room and why not gift one to her parents (and yours) too. But be prepared to strike off that large LED screen on your shopping list as this one will pull your budget down by ₹60,000.

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