These are the games you can play for free on Xbox Live Gold this month

Superhot and Quantum Conundrum are March's must-haves
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What does an Xbox Live Gold membership grant you? Free games. Loads and loads of free games.

Each and every month you'll find a handful of gratis games to download on Xbox One, as well as a couple for Xbox 360, and they're yours to keep so long as you keep paying for the subscription. However, there is one catch to the Games with Gold promotion: they're only available for a few weeks apiece, and then you won't find them free again.

Fortunately, we've got you covered: these are the free Xbox Live Gold games that will be available in March 2018, across both consoles. And stay tuned, because we'll keep this space updated with each month's new picks.

On Xbox Live Gold in March 2018

Trials of the Blood Dragon (XB1)

Trials of the Blood Dragon merges the side-scrolling bike gameplay of the Trials series with the weird, neon, '80s-inspired setting of Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon… and then tosses in some 2D platforming segments to boot. This spinoff doesn't live up to either series' best efforts, but it could be a fun freebie. Grab this one anytime in March 2018.

Superhot (XB1)

Now this is the real prize this month: Superhot is the super-cool indie game where enemies' attacks and bullets only move when you do. It's a first-person shooter at heart, albeit one you'll place very, very differently – and the results are enthralling. This one's free from 16 March until 15 April.

Brave: The Video Game (XB1/360)

Not much to get excited about here: Brave is a mediocre licensed action game inspired by one of Disney/Pixar's less-revered original films, but this might be a good one to plop a kid in front of for a bit. Brave is free during the first half of March, until the 15th.

Quantum Conundrum (XB1/360)

This is the other highlight of the month. Quantum Conundrum is a Portal-esque first-person puzzle game designed by one of the co-creators of Portal, and while it never reached quite the same heights as that iconic game, it should scratch a similar itch. Download this one on the back half of the month, starting on 16 March.


Still available in February 2018

It's not March yet... at least not as of this writing. If the calendar page hasn't dropped yet, then be sure to grab these free games before February ends.

Shadow Warrior (XB1)

This 2013 reboot – of the 1997 Duke Nukem 3D-like original – is a frenetic first-person shooter pairing big guns with a katana for up-close-and-personal attacks. It's brash and fun, and it'll be available for free all throughout February.

Assassin's Creed Chronicles: India (XB1)

You might've missed this one while Ubisoft was oversaturating the market, but Assassin's Creed Chronicles: India is a side-scrolling take on the stealth combat formula, and one of three such Chronicles entries. It's decent, and worth a shot for fans – you can grab this one between 16 February and 15 March.

Crazy Taxi (XB1/360)

Speaking of arcade thrills – Crazy Taxi is legendary, and Sega has the full original experience on Xbox Live Arcade here. It's playable on both Xbox One and Xbox 360, letting you zip a city to deliver passengers and collect cash. Snag this one between 16-28 February.