Some of the best things in life is to enjoy a moment to yourself, listening to your favourite tunes, and not giving a hoot about the outside world - done responsibly without causing inconvenience to others or even getting yourself harmed, of course. But when it matters, you’ll need a reliable pair of headphones for that peaceful moment of music appreciation, and Sony’s WH-1000X M3 fits that description in more ways than one.

Same look, new feats

If you’re familiar with the M2 that was released last year, the M3 looks no different than its sibling, but that’s not a bad thing. While cosmetically similar, the M3 is lighter in weight and is much more comfortable to wear thanks to the updated and improved ear cups. Also carried forward from the M2 is the ability to tilt and fold the cups inwards which is always an appreciated feature especially when it comes to storage.

Despite being built of lighter materials, the headphones are pretty solid and would survive minor mishaps such as falls or being constantly shifted around in bags. It’s not heavy duty though, so please don’t ride a tank over it. But if you do, do give me a call. I would never turn down a tank ride.

Even if you’re concerned of the M3’s durability, it also comes with a nice storage case out of the box. Not only would it hold the cans in place, it also has compartments to store the included 3.5mm cables.

Cosmetics aside, a small but highly appreciated change to the design is the switch from microUSB to USB-C which is handy as current devices are supporting this port. The use of USB-C also means fast charging when the battery is running short. Speaking of, the M3’s battery could last for more than a day at 30 hours on full charge. Should the headphones run out of juice, there’s always the aforementioned 3.5mm cables to keep the tunes going, but that also means you’ll have to do without the extra features that require power.

The WH-1000X M3 is available in grey or black colours. Personally, I’d recommend the black as the grey feels like it would be prone to staining, especially after hours and days of use in our Malaysian weather.

You got the touch

The touch capacitive controls are on the right ear cup and is as intuitive as the previous model. Rather than relying on physical buttons, you can control the volume by swiping up or down on the ear cup, swipe left or right to switch tracks, and double tap to pause or play your music. I personally love the fact that you can “deactivate” noise cancelling and listen in to ambient sound by covering the right cup with your palm. Useful when you’re trying to catch the announcements on your train ride, or when your colleague insist on conversing with you despite the obvious fact that you have headphones on. To return to noise cancelling zen, just let go of the cup and you’re all good. A simple trick, but it works so well.

Top-notch audio

Sure, the M3 has all these cool tech features but the listening experience is where it’s at. The audio performance on the headphones are an absolute treat. Regardless of what form of media you’re tuning into, the M3 delivers high quality audio with excellent clarity, bass, and volume. You can further tune the experience to your liking with the Sony Connect app by customising the equaliser and even the noise cancellation profile. Personally, I spent most of my time with the M3 without relying on the app so it’s fine to enjoy the headphones without it.

A solid recommendation

Sony has been very adamant on producing audio devices of the highest quality, and this can be seen with the WH-1000X M3 which is packed with intuitive features, and fantastic audio quality. The price point of MYR 1,599 may seem intimidating to most, but you’re definitely getting for what it’s worth or even more in the market.

Stuff says... 

Sony WH-1000X M3 Headphones review

For what it’s worth, the Sony WH-1000X M3 is a solid recommendation for those seeking high-end wireless headphones with great features.
MYR 1,599
Good Stuff 
Audio quality is astounding
Features aplenty
Worth the premium price
Bad Stuff 
Non-black versions are vulnerable to stains
Not entirely weatherproof