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Lego Fortnite tips and tricks: master the in-game adventure

Reap, Sow, Eat, Repeat. Lego Fortnite is more of a survival game, rather than an all out battle royale - here's how to get the most from it

LEGO Fortnite

In a partnership that has sent kids (and tbf, quite a few adults) into a frenzy, Lego is now officially part of the Fortnite world. With the release of Fortnite: Chapter 5 comes Lego Fortnite, an entirely new way to play the game has arrived.

This isn’t just some lazy tie-in with a few new skins thrown in either. The addition of Lego switches up the gameplay of one of the most popular video games of all time. You can even wave lightsabers!

The Fortnite world is now free to be roamed as a Lego minifigure. Villages can rise (in block form), and expansive landscapes are there to be explored in entirely new ways.

Lego Fortnite is more of a survival game, rather than an all out battle royale. Players land in a large, procedurally generated map that Epic says is 19 larger than the current battle royal map. The game is available to play in creative mode, which gives free reign to build your block-based community however you like. There’s also a survival mode, that pits you against all manner of baddies, and adds in some weather and hunger elements.

That’s Minecraft, you may say. And you’d be right. It is pretty Minecraft-y, but the appeal is both in the Lego name, and the fact that this new world is incorporated into the existing Fortnite game. All you need to do is open Fortnite and scroll down to go to the Discover screen where you’ll find the new mode.

Tips and tricks: how to get started

Whether you’re a new Fortnite convert or have racked up thousands of in-game hours, Lego Fortnite offers brand new features for all gamers to master. So if you want to get started, here’s how.

Build better

Lego is all about building. It’s also a pretty big part of Fortnite. Learn to build on the fly, and you’ll have your enemies bamboozled in a maze of intricate structures.

Fortnite’s build feature has been Legofied in the new season. Buildings now click together with a satisfying ‘snap’, and you can build your own home base shelters, there for defence or to attack if you so wish.

Craft to survive

LEGO Fortnite

To make it in the Lego Fortnite wasteland, you’ll need to forage for materials. It forms a pretty crucial basis in the survival crafting adventure that is Lego Fortnite. You’ll first need a crafting table, and from there can craft pick axes, swords, shields and more.

Make it easy (with no penalties)

LEGO Fortnite

There’s few greater gaming pet peeves than opening up an online game for the first time, only to get turned to dust by players who’ve invested an unholy amount of hours into it. There’s no shame in making it easier for yourself, but sometimes, the game punishes you for doing so. Not LEGO Fortnite, though.

When you first create your world, it automatically sets it to survival mode. But you are free to tailor which features you want with no penalty. You can decide whether you want creatures to be friendly or ferocious, whether you want to feel hunger, and turn stamina depletion on or off.

Seek and secure

LEGO Fortnite

While Lego Fortnite isn’t exactly a dungeon crawler, it does offer the opportunity to seek riches in caves located across the map. Journey deep into these mines, and rare items and resources are there to be plundered. You can spot a cave by scoping out rock formations across the map. But before you depart, you’ll need to prepare yourself for a long, treacherous journey.

Reap, Sow, Eat, Repeat

LEGO Fortnite

Yep, we didn’t know Lego minifigures could eat either. Apparently, they can, and you’ll need to start collecting raspberries, pumpkins and eggs to make it through. In Lego Fortnite, you can earn pet animals to secure items like milk and eggs, or choose to carve them up with a sword to harvest their meat. It’s a pretty brutal mechanism, but it’s a brutal world out there.

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