Look, 4K Blu-ray players are not the future of home entertainment. That accolade belongs to Ultra High Definition streaming via Netflix and Amazon Prime Video.

But if you really care about how your movies look at home, 4K Blu-ray is still the very best way to watch them - and Oppo’s UDP-203 is the best 4K Blu-ray player to watch them on. A superior machine even to last year’s awesome Panasonic DMP-UB900, it lavishes your senses with oodles of detail and pin-sharp sound. Given its exorbitant price, you’d expect as much.

For cinephile nirvana, the Oppo UDP-203 is an absolute must-have.

Oppo UDP-203 picture: Simply the best

Simply put: this Oppo’s 4K picture is spectacular. Watching Life of Pi is almost as jaw-dropping an experience as it was on the big screen, with every ounce of detail etched out with superb clarity and subtlety. Certainly, you’re going to get the best out of your UHD TV with this thing.

Every strand of the CGI tiger’s fur is so convincingly rendered that you almost want to reach out and touch him.

These talents extend to when the player is giving full HD Blu-rays a spin as well. Skin tones are well-textured and the UDP-203 doesn’t get flustered by any tricky slow-panning shots. We’re thoroughly impressed.

Compared to our previous 4K Blu-ray champ, the Panasonic DMP-UB900, the Oppo is superior in almost every aspect. It gives you more clarity, detail and better shading than any other player out there right now.

Oppo UDP-203 sound: bigger is best

Audio performance is similarly stellar. You really get that blockbuster oomph when glass shatters, explosions boom out and Hollywood A-listers chew the scenery with grandstanding monologues. And if you’ve kitted out your TV with a decent soundbar or surround sound setup then you’ll really hear the benefit.

When dealing with Star Trek Beyond’s epic string-laden soundtrack, we can’t fault its performance either. This player hands its orchestral dips and soars with unwavering precision.

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Oppo UDP-203 review

If you want the very best 4K picture available, you want the Oppo UDP-203
Good Stuff 
Picture perfect
Awesome sound
Futureproofed to the hilt
Bad Stuff 
Mighty pricey