But wait, there's more Apple products coming our way

Foxconn insiders leak info on the iPhone 8, AR glasses, a smart keyboard and the MacBook

Like something from a movie, three alleged Foxconn employees got on Reddit and leaked about new Apple tech coming soon. 

Speaking together as “Foxconninsider”, the trio kind of hit the mark, with WWDC announcing the Apple HomePod, an updated MacBook lineup and the new iMac Pro.

Foxconninsider also posted info on the new iPhones, AR glasses and more Apple upcoming products, all of which we’ve put together here. While their identities were verified with proper documentation and evidence (they apparently were behind the leaked videos of the Touchbar before release) do take these with a grain of salt, folks. 

What we're waiting for... the iPhone 8

First of all, forget the name - Foxconninsider instead calls it the iPhone X. They note it looks more like an iPhone 7 without capacitive touch, and a shift of how the rear camera will be placed. It will come with 3GB RAM and made in composite glass for wireless charging.

It’s still water resistant like the iPhone 7, and keeps the lightning cable. Apple is sticking to it. 

They note that fingerprint scanners have been tested under the glass, but those weren’t working too well. There’s no rear fingerprint scanner too, but it may have facial detection and a retina scanner included in the front camera. 

The refreshed iPhone 7s

Get ready... 'cause there's nothing much said about the purported iPhone 7 refresh model.

The trio did say it will have an aluminium unibody instead of glass but unlike the iPhone X, no wireless charging. Phooey. 

AR glasses

After the huge ARKit annoucement at WWDC, looks like Apple is diving headfirst into augmented reality. But we haven’t heard much about their upcoming AR glasses.

Here's what Foxconninsider has to say. Dubbed Project Mirrorshades, this AR eyewear will be equipped with a polarised or prescription lens with Zeiss smart optics, noise cancellation mic, light sensor, accelerometer and head tracker.

What’s interesting is its proposed movement control - like say Tinder, you can nod for yes, and shake your head for no. There’s a strip on the arm to accept calls and control the volume, which also can be used with Siri. You could also a view a 428 x 240 resolution NED display on the lens.

Whether Project Mirrorshades becomes reality or a fading dream depends on its difficult to produce battery. Foxconninsider says its 65% no-go. 

More on the MacBook

We’ve already seen the new MacBook lineups unveiled in WWDC, but Foxconninsider did mention some surprising things. One was the MacBook Air will be discontinued, and that they tested several updated designs with “more glass and dark black body”.

What’s cool was they tested a MacBook with the old white Apple light logo, last seen in 2015.

Oh, and remember the MagSafe? It’s safe to say it’s making a comeback in 12 to 18 months time. None of new MacBook Pro models will come will any touch display, however.

New keyboard with a twist

Two e-paper technologies were tested for new Apple keyboards, one in E-ink black and white and another in colour Qualcomm, the latter cancelled because of an IP dispute. Foxconninsider says the keys were low profile. Not one for the colour customisation gamer.   

And a couple other stuff

Apple has been busy coming up with new gadgets the last few years - a fitness band, headphone, and bigger backlit keyboard were in the pipeline but shelved.

Not Apple TV though - looks like something new will be coming later this year.