Say goodbye to bloatware on the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge

Samsung’s even letting you uninstall their own apps on the upcoming Android smartphone

We’ve heard this familiar tale - the sheer joy of switching on your brand new Android smartphone can’t be expressed. But in a few seconds, your happiness turns to disgust when you see tons of pre-installed apps asking to be updated.

Seems like Samsung has learned its lesson with this scenario. The Samsung Galaxy S6 isn’t just getting a trimming on its exterior. While Samsung has mentioned that it has reduced the amount of pre-installed apps by 40 per cent, there hasn’t been any specifics to what has been excluded.

That won’t matter anymore, since XDA forum member Jeshter2000 has revealed that a pre-release Galaxy S6 Edge has one trick up its sleeve - disabling and even uninstalling pre-loaded apps. Yes, even the Google and Samsung ones. Which makes absolute sense if you’d rather ditch Samsung’s default calendar app and go with Google’s. Or even say goodbye to S Voice and have Google do all the work for you.

The ability to remove redundant apps is a welcome move, especially in the name of improving the overall efficiency and speed of the units. Plus, you don't have to worry about losing apps for good on Android devices. With a bit of help from Google, you can probably search and reinstall these bundled apps via an APK file. Just in case you’ve uninstalled apps that you thought weren’t essential.

But more importantly, if this uninstalling feature is available for the release version of not just the Galaxy S6 Edge but future Samsung smartphones, it represents a huge change by the South Korean company. After all, who wouldn’t want the true freedom to personalise their smartphone?

Well, maybe those who’d rather stick with the status quo and have their devices dictate how they live their lives. At least Samsung is no longer doing that.

[Source: XDA Developer via Engadget]