Samsung Reveals Their Next Foldable Phone Is A Flip Phone

Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 looks set to happen in 2020

Even before the Samsung Galaxy Fold debacle, Samsung had already been working on their second foldable smartphone. While everything up to this point had just been rumours and hearsay, Samsung had finally made it official by revealing a video showing the phone in a clamshell format. This makes the second Galaxy Fold more like a flip phone, compared to the first one that functioned mainly as an expandable tablet. 

Despite this reveal, not much else was explained about the device. It did show how a video changes orientation when partly folded and not fully closed, but other than that it seems to have similar functions to the Galaxy Fold. This could be just a way to show developers the possibilities of the Galaxy Fold 2, in which those creative enough may be able to find more ways to make their app work on it.

As per our previous report, the second Galaxy Fold will likely be 6.7" and will reportedly bend around the horizontal axis. On top of that, it may also have just a small 1" screen on the outside for date/time/notification icons. It's considered to be a clever and eventually cheaper to produce than the current Fold concept. Based on this, Samsung is aiming for portability instead of screen space. It may also launch sometime in 2020.

The first Galaxy Fold has just launched in Malaysia this month, with two pre-orders held to keep up with the overwhelming demand. Pick up of the devices had to be made in-store to give a better chance for people to understand their new device.