The Samsung AI speaker is really happening

Talking home speakers will soon take over the world, Samsung wants in

Apple's HomePod isn't available in retail yet, but in the meantime Samsung is prepping its very own AI-enabled home speaker

UPDATE 25/08/2017: Samsung confirmed to CNBC that the company is working on its own AI speaker. Head of Samsung's mobile division DJ Koh said that the company was working on it and an official announcement would be happening. While Koh didn't go into details, he said it was all part of Samsung's ambition to "provide a fruitful user experience at home".

Bixby, Samsung's own virtual assistant has also just gone live globally but is currently only available in English at the moment (besides, of course, Korean). If you haven't seen it yet then just manually check for updates which will be long as you set your language to English, of course.

We're all going to talk to our speakers

It started with Alexa, but now Google as well as Apple have their own smart speakers. Samsung's own speaker will feature its new AI helper Bixby and likely to be the first of the speakers to be more readily available in Asia (outside of Line's speakers which are currently Japan-only).

The WSJ reports the project is codenamed Vega, but no specs have been leaked as yet. Apparently the project has been delayed by the hiccups Samsung is facing with Bixby, which is yet to work with English voice commands.

WSJ also states that Bixby's full release is unlikely to happen before the second half of July. Samsung has however opened up a limited beta for Bixby in the US, which means Bixby's release is really just a matter of time and in Bixby's case, English language learning.

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