Rumour: Apple AirPower Charging Mat Is Currently In The Works Again

Will this project ever be complete?

Apple has always wanted to release their own wireless charging mat that would charge their products simultaneously. This was back in 2017, and they eventually dropped the project when they faced too many challenges. Well, it looks like Apple isn't giving up just yet.

For those unaware, Apple has been working on their own wireless charging mat that would be able to charge their products wirelessly. Called the AirPower Charging Mat, it would be able to simultaneously charge an iPhone, AirPods, and Apple Watch, regardless of where on the mat you place these items. While it sounds like a great product in theory, Apple eventually realised this wasn't going to be as easy.

It turns out that the AirPower mat would require many coils to be placed throughout the mat so that users can place their wireless-charging Apple products pretty much wherever on its surface. If they did that, it would mean putting those coils everywhere and it would heat up too much, as observed in their prototypes. As such, 18 months after implementing the project, Apple officially cancelled it.

But the project has been revived according to founder of Front Page Tech, Jon Prosser, who tweeted about it. According to him, none of the current prototypes work with the Apple Watch, which seems to be their current challenge thus far.

There's no certainty this project will ever come to fruition, though if it does it would be pretty exciting. As such, we wouldn't expect too much out of this announcement just yet.