Reserve Strap promises to remedy the Apple Watch's lame battery

You'd think that Apple would have addressed the battery issue, but that's what third-party accessories are for

The Apple Watch is coming soon and third-party accessories are already being prepped. One of them is the Reserve Strap that promises to extend the battery life of the Apple Watch. Up for preorder, while the concept is nice the price tag, however, has us wondering if it'll be worth it.

Why didn't Apple think of this?

On the website, the makers show what it calls its first concept. Think silicon and embedded lithium polymer cells. There's a rather novel means of charging - an inductive charging cradle between your wrist and the Apple Watch.

How much juice does it promise? About 400mAh and its makers claim the Reserve Strap can boost the Apple Watch's battery life by up to 125 per cent. Now before you get all excited, its makers admit that it is a prototype and is still in development. Whether it'll work perfectly depends on testing that can only be done when the Apple Watch is actually available.

Instead of a Kickstarter, the creators are asking for preorders at the official website. Rather audacious, but if you think you'd like to fund the watch's development then expect to fork over US$249.99.

[Source: Digitaltrends]