The Original Razer Phone Finally Gets A Slice Of Android Pie

A blade won’t dull if it’s properly maintained

It sure took Razer a long while, but it seems that the company is finally fulfilling a request that customers have been continuously asking for: an Android Pie upgrade for the original Razer Phone. Being the first smartphone ever by the gaming peripheral giant, the phone saw its release in 2017 that actually paved the path into the gaming smartphone niche, which then grew larger throughout the years with the likes of the ASUS ROG Phone and Xiaomi Black Shark entering the fray.

Since its launch, users have reported performance issues with the phone which pushed Razer to roll out updates to fix certain bugs and camera issues, and eventually upgraded its Android operating system from Android Nougat to Oreo. However, the Razer Phone’s after-sales service finally stopped after a patch was released by the company back in July of last year. This resulted users to criticise the company for neglecting it in favour of its successor, the Razer Phone 2 which was due for launch soon after.

A disgruntled Razer Phone user took to the Razer subreddit and harshly criticised the company for abandoning the phone, which then attracted many others who shared the sentiment. Thanks to that uproar, a representative from Razer’s marketing team responded to the Reddit post and promised that the supposedly abandoned Razer Phone will finally get an Android 9 Pie upgrade that it deserves in the coming weeks. With only two phones under the company’s belt, it’s a wonder to what kept them from continuing to provide support for its first ever smartphone. We’ll just wait and see if Razer will fulfill this promise, and also hope that the Razer Phone 2 won’t be neglected either later on.