Persona app could filter out boring Tweets

Friendships will be easier maintained now that you don't need to unfollow your friend for always Tweeting her breakfast
Persona app could filter out boring Tweets

Twitter is great as a source of information or entertainment, but you don't always get a chance to choose what you'd like to see. Like, hey, you like when your favourite writer Tweets about her books and her tour schedule but cringe at her 10,000 photos of her dog, Buster.

The makers of the Persona app feel you. Mani and Prabhakar Doraisamy created an app that will let you see the sides of the Twitter personality you follow and choose which side you would rather see. So you can filter out the unwanted breakfast, pet and overly personal Tweets you might not want to read.

You, as a prism

Persona app could filter out boring Tweets

What Persona does is look through your Tweets and sort them out into three streams: personal, professional and social. If you find those too confining, perhaps add custom labels instead and use them to tag your Tweets and help Persona's algorithm learn how to sort what you Tweet.

The best thing, though, is that the people you follow on Twitter don't have to sign up to Persona for you to benefit. Instead, Persona will sift through their profiles and categorise their Tweets for them.

There just might be one snag, though. There already is a social media service named Persona that is also about image management. It flags content that might be detrimental to your online profile by monitoring your Facebook, Twitter & Google+ accounts.

Perhaps a name change might be in order and it might be a neat way of taking into account the people who follow you, without feeling that you have to conform to their expectations. So some will get your business side, some will get your softer side, some will probably try to sell you cookies.

So you want to get in on the beta? Sign up on the Persona website.

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