A new The Sims Mobile game is headed for iOS and Android

*Simlish for yay*

Everyone’s favourite God-playing game will soon be back on mobile in a new form so you can continue manipulating your Sims’ reality on the MRT.

First released in 2000 on desktop, The Sims has since spilled onto console, mobile (The Sims FreePlay) and even Facebook (RIP, The Sims Social).

So how is this different from the current FreePlay app? Well, Freeplay was created back in 2011, which is a long time even in Sim years. It was also created before The Sims 4, which the new game will borrow a lot from.

Details are scant at the moment. It looks like the game will unfold in real time so you’ve got to wait for your Sims to wake up. If you’re familiar with The Sims 4, there’s also the element of the Legacy Challenge. This encourages players to play through generations of the same family through item incentives instead of abandoning them once your interest wanes.

You also don’t have to create your bae in Sim form. Your boo can do that himself since you can date other players’ Sims, or make enemies with them (if love-hate relationships are more your speed). The same detailed character customisation and home-building exist, so go crazy living out your fantasies. 

The app is currently only available in Brazil, but we’ll keep you posted once it reaches our part of the world.