Malaysian Nike fans can now customise their shoes online

The custom shoe service was previously only available in the US and Hong Kong

If you'd always lusted after a customised NikeID shoe, you won't need to go to the US or Hong Kong to order one anymore: you can order them online in Malaysia now.

Decent selection

The process is pretty simple: login to the site and immediately choose a model of your liking.

Bear in mind, the amount of customising you get to do will depend on which shoe you choose. Depending on the type, different options will be available.

For instance some models will allow for the choice of wider soles, but not all will. There is a nice variety of shoes available for both men, women and children and for all types of sporting endeavours, including football, basketball and running.

You can try and go as fancy as you like or simply add your name to your shoe so at the very least if anyone steals your new kicks, they'd have to put up with having to wear it with your name everywhere.

Price-wise, it's standard Nike prices, meaning it won't be cheap. Think in the range of RM469 to RM1479 and you'll need to wait six weeks for your custom shoes to arrive.

Still if you would rather pay premium for a custom Nike than just pay premium for an off-the-rack model, this might be a great way to ensure you get just the colour and fit you prefer.

[Source: Lowyat]