LG brings its cool OLED tech and more to businesses

Check out the innovative B2B solutions at LG's Asia Business Innovation Centre

Call us truly impressed when we reviewed the LG OLED Wallpaper TV - true to life colours with every detail dug up in Dolby Vision makes it the best looking TV we’ve seen.

So of course we jumped at the chance to visit the brand new LG Asia Business Innovation Centre in Singapore to see how LG’s newest tech (including their cool OLED screens) is brought to life for businesses. Think large screens for shopping malls, hotel solutions, F&B integrated systems and more.

It’s some remarkable stuff on display. If you’ve seen the giant curved screens display at the Incheon International Airport and N Seoul Tower in South Korea, it’s a smaller-scaled version of the same tech on offer.  

OLED, OLED everywhere

Walking in, we’re treated to a dual-sided OLED curved screen with colours that truly pop. Officially the “Dual-View Curved Tiling OLED”, eight double-sided 4K UHD panels are connected together with playback coming from its internal 128GB internal storage.

The rest of the OLED screens available were just as astonishing. LG OLED’s self lighting pixels shine brightest for the brightest whites and turn off for truly absolute blacks.



Just look at the credit card thick frame. Like the one we reviewed before, the panel is mounted magnetically, with the rest of its innards housed in a separate soundbar-like unit hidden away.


Concierge at a press of a button

The next time you check into a fancy hotel, you might find an LG OLED TV staring back at you. But they aren’t just for wasting time in your room - these smart TVs aresable to contact the hotel, display hotel-related info, comes with a bunch of apps and is connectable to your devices via WiFi or Bluetooth. 

You're not you when you're thirsty

Getting a drink from a store? Maybe you’ll come across this cool LG fridge that sports a screen on the front. Walk closer, and the screen becomes a little transparent so you can view what’s inside. It’s a pretty neat way to attract thirsty customers.



A new take on fast food

Their F&B solutions are pretty cool for upcoming cafes and restaurants. Say you’re the last person to order a burger promo that’s limited to 100 people. It will be automatically removed from the menu on the kiosk and simultaneously on the displays at the back of the counter too. 

More and more screens

Our tour wraps up with a massive 0.9mm bezel think video wall (an update to The Social Tree at Changi Airport and the world’s largest HD video wall at SUNTEC Singapore), ultra HD signage and LG’s 86-inch Ultra Stretch 58:9 bar-type sceen. Each screen can be divided four ways - the perfect end to family TV squabbles if it was ever sold for homes, but perfect for business that want to show what they offer. 

It's powered by LG's "webOS for Signage" smart platform that eliminates the need for an external PC or media player to play content. Now to figure out how to fit one in our office.