JVC introduces 4K ready projectors

Sixth-gen contrast tech for the discerning home theatre buff

Just as everyone was getting excited about 4K TV and their flexible brethren, JVC decides to skip a step and release a whole range of 4K and 3D enabled projectors instead

Big home cinema push

Part of JVC’s extended line of home theatre projectors, the line comprises of JVC the Reference Series DLA-RS67, DLA-RS57, and the DLA-RS49. They also feature sixth gen D-ILA contrast tech that the brand is famous for, with a native contrast ranging from 60,000: 1 to 150,000:1 contrast ratios and dynamic contrasts of up to 1,500,000:1 and Clear Black tech for ever inky blacks.

The projectors are also able to upconvert 1080P HD and Blu-ray to 4K as well, so don’t fret if you can’t find any yet as Sony is in the midst of releasing 4K quality Blu-rays to the public. Each unit also comes with a 3D emitter and a pair of Active Shutter 3D glasses for immediate use.

They aren’t cheap though. With the units starting at RM 21,999 and replacement lamps come in at RM 1,500 a pop, this is definitely a system catering to the enthusiasts and those with deep pockets.

The JVC DLA-RS67 retails for RM38, 999, the DLA-DLA-RS57 for RM 29,999 and the DLA-RS49 goes for RM 21,999.