It's Down Again?! Facebook, Whatsapp, and Instagram Suffer From Outage Worldwide

Not again! The last outage happened just a few months ago.

It had only been two months since the last outage, but it looks like Facebook and everything under them (Whatsapp and Instagram) is suffering from an outage. This time, it's not just selected countries but actually worldwide.

Affected areas so far include North America, Europe and South America. Update: Services has so far resumed as per usual, which means the outage lasted for a little over an hour.

Those of us in Asia are also experiencing similar issues. So far Facebook via the mobile app had worked for us. However, the same cannot be said about their website if you access it via browsers. Instagram's feed can't refresh, and any messages sent via whatsapp aren't getting through.

The last major outage was just 14 March 2019, and took a few hours to recover. There's been no news on when it will be up again, but let's just hope this doesn't become a common occurence.