Get A Group Chat Going With Instagram’s New Instastory Chat Stickers

A whole new way to talk to your followers.

Instastories have quickly become the go-to way for sharing a quick video or photo to your fellow followers on Instagram. You’d be hard pressed to find someone using Snapchat, Facebook Stories, or worst of all, Whatsapp Status, to share how their day is going. Though it seems that Instagram is also trying to dethrone Whatsapp’s way of making group chats.

Instagram has always had the feature to allow users to make groups for direct messages and sharing posts. A new update is adding the chat sticker; this new feature will allow for users to make groups on the fly through their Instastories. Just like adding a GIF or an emoji, all you have to do is to drag and drop this new sticker for it to work.

Once it’s on your story, followers can press it to request to join your chat group. As the user who posted the chat sticker, you can pick and choose which of your followers that you’d like to join this new group chat. This feature is meant for friends and family to start group chats for an event or to make plans.

While this feature may be a bad idea for influencers and celebrities if they ever choose to have a chat with their fans, but at the very least for us normal users; we can use it to plan our weekend with friends. Expect to see this feature soon in a future update.