Huawei's Harmony OS Predicted To Compete Globally In 2 Years

Until then, Huawei needs to be on good terms with the US

With Google apps unavailable on Huawei's flagship smartphone, the Mate 30 series, it's obvious that Huawei needs to start working on some new alternatives and stat. Despite initial belief that the Mate 30 series would come with their very own HongMeng OS (for China) or Harmony OS (for Global), it turns out that Huawei's very own OS is far from ready and it looks like it would actually take 2 years before it can even compete with Android or iOS.

Huawei founder Ren Zhengfei shared this in an interview with Fortune Magazine back in September 19, where a transcript revealed his prediction that the much-hyped proprietary operating system would be able to compete with top rival systems within two years. “We need to further improve in terms of software. We're somewhat weak when it comes to big software architecture,” he revealed in the transcript. “We still hope to continue to use Google's operating system, and we remain committed to friendly cooperation with Google.”

Huawei revealed a while back that they had no intention to launch a smartphone with their own Harmony OS anytime this year or in the near future. For now, the Chinese company is sticking to their television and smartwatch to have the OS, as they want to “maintain one standard, one ecosystem” for now. The Harmony OS will serve as a backup variant if the situation between the United States and China worsens and the company is banned from trading with US partners.

In the meantime, Huawei is working with plenty of app developers, including Malaysian app developers, to join the Huawei Mobile Servive (HMS) ecosystem as a way to mitigate any possible issues or loss in the future should their relationship with the US go sour.