Huawei P30 And P30 Pro To Get Selfie Night Mode From Latest EMUI Update

Time to take those group selfies, even at night!

Taking selfies during the night time can be a challenge if you're in a low light setting and a lot of smartphones with night mode focus on the rear camera than the front. Well, with the latest EMUI update for the Huawei P30 series, you can now get Night mode to the front camera. Version is already seeding to Chinese users and is scheduled to make its way to other areas across the world in the coming weeks.

After installing the update, users will see the new Night mode option when switching to the selfie cam. It will enable better exposed images in low-light conditions as long as you can keep a steady hand as it captures multiple shots and stacks them together. So gather your friends and have fun taking group selfies, even in low light settings!

Do take note that installing the new update requires at least 50% of battery autonomy as well as several gigabytes of free internal storage. It's a big August update, but one well worth the time and energy by the looks of it.