Huawei Honor 7 selling internationally via Oppomart

An option for the impatient Huawei customer

When the Huawei Honor 7 was released last month, the only way of getting the device is if you were in China personally or if you had a contact in China to purchase it for you as the phone was only available in China. Now, the phone is available for order internationally, all thanks to Oppomart.

You are now able to order your own Honor 7 via Oppomart for US$429, exclusive of shipping charges which is upped from its retail price of $320. For those staying in North America, you should know that the phone supports LTE band 1 and band 3 therefore it is not compatible with LTE networks available in North America. 

This was announced just a couple of days after Huawei announced it would be bringing the Honor 7 to Europe.

[source : GSMArena]