Google's Lollipop warms up to security via body detection

As long as you're holding your phone close, you won't need to unlock it

Users have been reporting seeing a new feature in Android Lollipop on their phones: body detection. Using your device's built-in accelerometer, your phone will figure out whether to stay locked or unlocked, depending on its proximity to your body.

Convenient proximity

Just why would this feature be an option? If you're the type who is never far from your smartphone, then the feature makes sense. No longer will you need to manually reenter passwords so long as you're the one holding the phone.

Sadly, the feature doesn't detect whether it's someone else holding your phone as a pickpocket could quite easily bypass it by standing close enough to you while holding your phone undetected.

Still it's a feature that's nice to have and who knows, as tech matures, perhaps the on-body detection can be tweaked further or at the very least prove a good option for people tired of entering their passcodes every single time they reach for the phone to check texts, the weather and their Candy Crush invites.

[Source: Techcrunch]