Free offline navigation maps for all (Android users) now that Nokia Here is finally err, here

Here Beta is officially released on Google Play, but iOS users have to wait a little longer
Free offline navigation maps for all (Android users) now that Nokia Here is fina

If you’ve moved on from a Nokia to an Android phone and still can’t think of Nokia’s excellent maps without having to sigh, guess what? You can now enjoy the same perks on your Android phone.

Previously available as a side-loaded app, Here is now available on Android albeit in Beta. It is currently free for download and brings along its most beloved party tricks along for the ride.

Here’s biggest strength is that it essentially turns your phone into a voice-guided GPS, complete with downloadable offline maps, which is something that your typical app, like Google Maps, can’t really do.

Short of the North and South Poles, you can download offline maps for all continents, provided you have the space on your phone to do it – file sizes range from 850MB for Australia/Oceania maps and up to 9.5GB for the Europe map. You also will get public transit information.

Last but not least, the recent update added voice-guided navigation for a whopping 118 countries. Caveat for some of the newer additions: for some countries like Bangladesh, not all the roads have been mapped out.

It may not be as fancy as Google Maps, but that’s not to say that it doesn’t have its share of useful side features. It integrates with Glympse as well so you can conveniently share your location with people, which for many people, would be an essential feature.

iOS users will have to wait though, but at least the Nokia Here team has confirmed that the iOS version of the app will be released, and the team is looking at early 2015.

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