Celcom adds Galaxy S7 Edge to New Phone, reveals plans and pricing

Missed the Samsung preorder? Celcom offering phone with First Blue, First Gold and as part of NewPhone scheme

Celcom has put up its plans and pricing for the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge.  Interested subscribers can prebook from now until March 14, and people who have prebooked will get their models by March 17.

There are three options here. Either subscribe to the First Blue plan, First Gold plan or if you’re eligible for Celcom’s New Phone plan, you can just pay a monthly fee for the phone and then switch to a new phone the next year or pay up the difference and keep the phone.

The First Blue plan comes with a monthly commitment of RM45, with 2GB+2GB of Internet, 2GB of WiFiPlus, 50 mins of calls and 50 SMS and an upfront payment of RM150 that will be rebated in the first 10 months. Contract termination penalty is RM500, the contract duration is 24 months and the device price? RM2,448.

As for the First Gold, you pay RM80 a month, get 5GB+5G of Internet, 5GB of WiFiPlus, unlimited calls and SMS, pay an upfront payment of RM80 (rebated in the first month) but the contract is only 12 months in duration and the device price is RM2,689. The penalty is also RM500.

Should you opt for the NewPhone program instead, you will pay RM175 a month for the phone.

Prebooking is more like a lottery, however as limited units are available a day. You will need to login early and if you’re too late a message will pop up stating the allotments are finished. Still, it’s worth giving it a go as Celcom is also selecting by random draw a lucky subscriber who will get the phone for free.

Besides Celcom, Maxis is also opening up preorders for the Samsung S7 Edge but DiGi has so far decided not to get in on the Galaxy S7 Edge mania.

To get in on the preorder, just go to the Celcom page.