Apple’s new oasis-like home, Apple Park, to open in April

The green headquarters is home to a Steve Jobs Theatre and a visitor centre that will be open to the public

The ring shaped campus will finally open its doors in April and contrary to popular belief, it’s not going to be called the Apple Spaceship. Although we had our hopes up for it to be named the Apple Home Button, its official moniker is the Apple Park and it's green in more ways than one.

That’s in line with the recent greener community vision that Apple has been showing for its stores, also by the same architectural firm Foster + Partners, given the Genius Grove and the plaza behind the Union Square flagship store.

At Apple Park, there will be a visitors centre with an Apple cafe and store for diehard Apple fans to make a pilgrimage to. The sprawling main building will be made up of the world’s largest curved glass panels. There will be tons of greenery that surround the site’s walking and running paths, as well as a meadow, pond, and orchard for employees to unwind by. 

But its crowning glory has to be the Steve Jobs Theatre named in memory of the late founder. The theatre's grand entrance is a two-story tall glass cylinder, topped with a carbon fibre roof. The Steve Jobs Theatre is able to hold up to 1000 people and sits atop one of the highest points of the campus, overlooking the main building. Poetic. It will probably host future Apple launches; the next iPhone event seems primed to be its first in-house celebration. 

Given its name, it’s appropriately green in nature. Apple Park is completely powered by renewable energy, is capable of generating large amounts of solar energy with its solar energy installation, and is naturally ventilated so that additional heating or cooling isn’t required for up to three-quarters of a year. Malaysian buildings could take a leaf from its book and cool it with the air-conditioning Apple-style.

It sounds like a dream to work in, we just hope that Tim Cook doesn't believe in hotdesking.