Apple Maps updated with integrated hotel reviews from and TripAdvisor

Look out, Google, Apple Maps is steadily catching up in terms of functionality

Holiday-going Apple fans will be glad to know they can now use Apple Maps to do better research on hotels with more user reviews to refer to, making decisions on where to stay a much simpler affair.

All they have to do is tap on hotels in the locales or routes they want to visit. 

Apple Maps used to have user reviews from Yelp available on its search results, but Cupertino's since added reviews and images from and TripAdvisor - two of the biggest user review repositories in the world - to supplement its hotel listings. That's in contrast with Google's offering, which only supplies reviews of establishments from Google itself. 

Which of the three vendors reviews are pulled from seems pretty random at the moment, but either way, this means you have a larger pool of information to draw from. However, unlike Google, Apple Maps doesn't allow you to make reservations directly in the app. Any good traveller will refer to several different sites in order to get the best price anyway, though. 

Apple Maps might have had a rocky start, but it seems Apple is dedicated to making it a bigger part of your daily life. 

Source: 9to5mac