3DR Solo Drone is your Skynet dream (or nightmare)

Expensive, yes? Cool, heck yes

Drone enthusiasts be warned, you might be reaching for your wallet very soon. 3D Robotics's latest drone is getting a lot of buzz thanks to its sleek and smart drone design.

Hello, it's a drone

The 3DR Solo Drone has tonnes of tools to automate and make HD video shooting fun. Want an extreme way of taking a selfie? It's just one button away. But the selling point of the drone is that it will be on an open platform- meaning that hackers/modders are able to tinker with the hardware and software to personalise the tools and functions.

The drone which is priced at US$1000, or US$1400 with a GoPro gimbal, will be available in May. This quadcopter is designed to be ready to fly right out of the box and weighs 3.3lbs, all black and looks predatorial. It looks more like a drone that you fit with rockets and machine guns than one you fit cameras with (hence the Skynet reference). It comes with a simple joystick controller with a holder for your iPad or iPhone which will become your monitor for the drone and a remote control for your mounted GoPro camera.

The best feature is the “follow me” feature that allows you to draw a line on your iPhone to triangulate a route for the drone to follow or “orbit” around a particular object/person. And as you get much better associated with the drone, that’s when the next level of fun comes in: open it up and mod/ hack the drone to your personal preference.

[Source: Wired]