17-year-old Overwatch player signs US$150000 eSports contract

Fairly impressive for a player so young and a game that's still fairly new

Overwatch player Jay Won or more known by his gamer handle sinatraa is living the dream - after a bidding war between two eSports teams, he's just earned himself a US$150000 (RM639,975) annual salary.

A lucrative future

Won is joining NRG Esports as part of its Overwatch League roster and will be entitled to bonuses as well as revenue sharing options on top of that.

Cloud9 had also been trying to recruit Won, resulting in a bidding war that saw Won getting a salary that is US$100000 over the league minimum.

Why the interest? Won is apparently one of the best North American DPS players and was part of the North American Overwatch World Cup team, which will play South Korea in the BlizzCon opening match in Anaheim, California happening 3-4 November.

Not too shabby from a player who was still too young to sign the contract - his mother had to do it for him. Looks like the future of gaming as a career option is becoming a lot brighter.

[Source: ESPN]