Moleskine And Dropbox Collaborate On An All-New Smart Notebook

From paper to the web in a matter of seconds.
09 May 2019 / 16:39MYT

No matter how fancy your Wacom or tablet is, nothing beats sketching and writing notes on a physical piece of paper with a nice pen. And yet, smart notebooks aren’t as common as you might think. Moleskines are the benchmark for notebooks and might have finally hit the mark between the physical and the digital in their new collaboration.

Say hello to The DropBox Smart Notebook, the new smart notebook that will take any physical notes and drawings you might make on a regular Moleskine, and uploaded it straight to the file-sharing services of DropBox. This takes out the middle of scanning your work on a scanner, and all that requires is a smartphone to instantly share your work in great quality to the world.

But how does The Dropbox Smart Notebook achieve this? Well, on every page of the notebook is lined with 3 squares on the corners of the page. Sort of like how QR codes work, this helps in your smartphone recognising the image and creating a proper scan of the page to be digitised and sent to your Dropbox.

So if you’re an avid artist or have a lot of your work on notebooks, this new Dropbox Smart Notebook might just be the perfect tool for all the designers out there. It is available now on the official Moleskine website, with either plain or ruled pages.

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