PocketStar is a handheld console so small it’ll make you feel like a giant holding a Game Boy

Game Baby
31 January 2018 / 0:13MYT

The PocketStar (from €35, RM170) is a tiny handheld console. We mean really tiny. It’s pocket-sized in the sense it’d fit in the coin pocket of most jeans, with room to spare – or would make a good bed for a Lego minifig. But this diminutive device nonetheless includes a D-pad and two buttons, a micro-SD card slot, a 96x64-pixel 16-bit OLED display, and the same chip that powers the Arduino Zero. We’re told a single charge will get you through up to three hours of gaming on bespoke titles such as Pocketman, Tiny Invaders, Pocketris, and Snake. Just don’t come crying to Stuff when your thumbs have seized up after a marathon session on this absurdly small games machine.