Which 2017 smartphones will ditch the headphone jack for good?

OnePlus 4

This one's pretty easy. OnePlus chief Carl Pei tweeted asking fans if they liked headphone jacks.

The response at the time of writing? After 8047 votes, 88% voted in favour, with 12 voting against.

It doesn't take a PR genius to work out that removing the headphone jack (and therefore going against the majority of OnePlus' passionate, vocal userbase) would be a pretty ill-advised move on OnePlus' part, so if the OnePlus 4 lands without a headphone port, we'll be massively surprised.


LG remains the last bastion for the hardcore Android users and media hoarders. It's the only major manufacturer which still offers a removable battery and microSD slot, both of which are found in the current G5 flagship.

While the latest tweets from Android Pilice's David Ruddock suggest that the G5 will no longer have a removable battery, he does state that the "headphone jack is a go". This isn't official confirmation of course, but it's certainly a promising sign.


Google Pixel 2

Google wasn't exactly subtle in its Pixel smartphone launch ad campaign, touting the "satisfyingly not new' 3.5mm headphone jack as a feature in a direct jab at Apple's decision to axe the jack from the iPhone 7.

To ditch the jack in the Pixel's second iteration will now look foolish, and will no doubt annoy diehard Android fans who take these sort of things very seriously.

With plenty of Reddit users vocally stating that they've moved over from the iPhone 7 to the Pixel for the headphone jack alone, we can't see Google suddenly decide to alienate support from so many people, with no obvious compelling reason.