The most extreme torture tests the Apple Watch has been subjected to

Watch people sacrifice their Apple Watches in a series of videos starring liquid nitrogen, a car, and a blender

For something so pricey, the Apple Watch had better hold up well. 

And by that we mean hopefully, it's not going to get easily scratched up by a quick rummage through the bag or drowned by a quick dip in the pool. But just how durable is the Apple Watch? These people sacrificed their Apple Watches just so you can find out.

Blend it like Beckham

In unfortunate circumstances, you could be making a smoothie when your Watch slips off your wrist and into the blender. Could it possibly survive the rotating blades of doom? Find out here. 


You never know, one day your Apple Watch could be the only thing standing between you and a bullet hole in your wrist. Or not. Watch the Apple Watch get shot with a 50-caliber bullet because we know just how much some people like to watch the world burn.