According to SwiftKey, Malaysians use the most emoji in the world


Sadly, that’s not us. Turkish speakers send the most happy faces. Whereas we send the least. But hey, that’s not an accurate representation of us. Or, is it?


We love using hand signs like clapping and the peace sign. The average is 5.3% but we come in at almost double that. Amongst the handy gestures, the thumbs up sign is the most popular with us, and the thumbs down a second favourite. 

Lack of love

We send the least number of hearts. The average stands at 12.5% and we only send about a third of that at 4.8%. Who scores the highest on sending hearts? The French, of course. Were you expecting any different?


Amazingly, we also topped the charts for farm animal emoji. That’s the cow, chicken, and rams. Of them all, the pig was the most often used while the ram came in a close second. What do you make of that?