7 ingenious indie games to tide you through the AAA gaming drought

Mainstream games? Pfft, forget those, be the cool kid and have a go at these non-so-famous-but-equally-entertaining titles
7 indie games to tide you through the gaming drought

It’s that time of the year, when video game enthusiasts suffer from ennui due to the lack of triple-A gaming titles.

We say, you're not looking hard enough. There’s plenty to play, if you don’t mind unique twists in your gaming pleasures.

Here’s our indie list to placate your gaming taste buds until the next-generation heavy hitters like Titanfall and Infamous: Second Son arrive.

Nidhogg (PC, US$14.99)

Nidhogg (PC, US$14.99)

Crave for something beyond ultra combos and health bars in your fighting game? You’re looking for Nidhogg.

Developers Messhof distills the essence of a 2D fighting game with simple controls, uses a retro art style, and create battle grounds that vary in shapes and sizes.

Two players are placed in a 2D arena and have to reach their respective end zone while fending off the opposition with a sword of their own.

You have to disarm your opponent to deal the finishing stab. To spice things up, players can also perform evasive manoeuvers, throw their swords, and even use their fists if they’re disarmed.

Outmanoeuvre. Outfence. Everything about Nidhogg is exhilarating and it doesn’t take longer than 10 minutes for a single bout.

In short, it’s a great timewaster during coffee and lunch breaks.