Vertu launches three new non-smartphone phones as part of its Signature collection

Non-smartphones for the “elite hipstah”

What in the blazes? Explain.

Welcome to the Bugatti of mobiles, an uber-opulent slice of the world of mobile phones - the oh-so-British Vertu. For the lesser informed (read financially challenged), these custom-designed, hand-crafted phones come with a round-the-clock concierge/lifestyle expert at your disposal, your personal Jeeves. “When does one use the leftmost fork at a formal banquet?” you ask your Vertu concierge, and not only will you have the right answer, you’ll even have someone offer to lay the banquet table for you.

And if you've got people at your beck and call, why would you need an ultra smartphone anyway? Which is what the Vertu Signature collection asks with its three new launches - the Signature Ultimate Black, Signature Red Gold Black DLC and Signature White Mother of Pearl, all of which run on the Series 40 OS (yes, it’s the S40 of the Nokia 6300 fame). More importantly, the prices for the new line of phones start at 14,00,000. Did we hear you gulp?

₹14 lacs for a Symbian?

Tch. Tch. Stop judging already. First of all, the S40 isn’t technically a Symbian, even though it does share its roots with early Nokia Asha ‘smartphones’ like the 308, 309 and 311. That said, the S40 OS does not qualify as a smartphone UI because it doesn't actually support smartphone features like multitasking or a fully fledged HTML browser.

But that is not what makes the Signature series unique and worthy of the price range, as you must have guessed. The appeal lies is in the unique design element, the materials used, proclaimed voice clarity and, of course, high-brow features like the aforementioned dedicated concierge service along with unrestricted entry to elite events, including the most exclusive Private Members’ Clubs around the world. Simply put, it’s a Vertu (patent pending).

What about diamonds and pearls?

Yes, there’s those too. Each of the Signature collection models has a distinct feature, mostly design-based, that sets it apart, while sharing most of the intrinsic features.

The Signature Ultimate Black boasts a black UI, made to keep in line with the ‘black’ theme, with faucet-cut sapphire keys that light up when touched. Its black solid sapphire crystal display is disturbed only by the Vertu Logo. The model is coated by what is known as DLC (diamond-like coating) which is employed in the most critical parts of an F1 engine. At just 2 microns thick (1/50th of a human hair), it’s 10 times harder than steel and offers mirror-like reflective surfaces while being abrasion-resistant. There’s matching black leather that completely engulfs the phone. Spinal Tap, anyone? It doesn’t get blacker than this.

Keeping pretty much everything the same, the Signature Red Gold Black DLC has a polished 18-carat gold styling, i.e, a gold trim that even highlights the select key at the centre. The ‘hidden-until-lit’ feature, faucet-cut sapphire keys and other features mentioned above stay on, black leather case notwithstanding.

Deviating from the dark themes, the Signature White Mother of Pearl is made of ostentatious natural mother of pearl inlays, princess-cut diamond select key, polished white ceramic pillow and pearl-finish and white alligator skin. A matching clutch-style pearl-finish white-alligator case rounds up the look.


Impressive, but…

Not easily convinced, are you? How about these features that are part of all the models in the series:

  • Exclusive ringtones created by renowned composers and performed by the London Symphony Orchestra

  • Dedicated round-the-clock concierge that customises itself to your requests and needs

  • The Vertu Life feature that offers all customers unrestricted access to elite events, complimentary entry to Private Members’ Club across the world as well as access to invitation-only events and closed-door shopping experiences

  • A personalisation option where you can design your own finish, colour, rare metals and even add your initials; all crafted by a master craftsman in England

So yes, if you have the moolah, might as well let it speak for itself, with your choice of phone at least. For more information, head here.