Vans suits your skateboarding needs with the Gilbert Crockett Pro 2

Technology for the skateboarding sole...

If you are the newest kid on the block who’s learnt skateboarding, chances are you might not be equipped with the right footwear.

As you pick up that skateboard and get set to glide on one, take a raincheck and go shopping for Vans Gilbert Crockett Pro 2. As important it is to pad up and use other safety gear while indulging in action sports, getting your feet in the right shoes is a necessary investment too.

While specialty sports footwear is big business, why leave its poor cousin behind? Add the sport-specific footwear to your duffel bag and maneuver around the board better. Get optimum performance while skateboarding because technology advancements have made it all the way to your feet!

The Vans Wafflecup technology’s first ever vulcanized cupsole in this shoe provide the optimum support and cushioning for your precious ego, should you suffer from that ill-fated but inevitable fall. The unique rubber reinforced toe vamp underlays are designed for durability while the outsole wouldn’t disappoint you on the red carpet either.

Support, grip, durability - can all be bought in Mumbai from 6,999 onwards.