Travel a lot? Tag along a Pebble Dome

Entertainment for all on the move

Travelling long distances can get boring. If you are alone, your earphones will give you company, but when you have friends or family, you cannot keep to yourself with your ears blocked. So pick one of these Dome Speakers and let your fellow companions also get a taste of your music. Pair two of these and make a louder noise too if you wish. The TWS Dome Speakers from Pebble are very cute and as tiny as a standard tennis ball, which makes them very portable too. Sporting a 5W audio amplifier powered by a 1200mAh battery, these little audio entertainers will go on for 5 hours non-stop. And while you can pair it with smart devices via Bluetooth 5.0 or aux cables, you have an option for playing your favourite tracks via a pendrive or a microSD card. A companion for the road or a perfect gift for your loved ones, the Pebble Dome comes at a price of just ₹1,499.