Take an easy breath

Who needs trees when you have a car air purifier? right?

After a failed attempt by the Delhi government to control air pollution, BreatheEasy have taken up the challenge of circulating better air standards for you, at least in cars, that is.

The air purifier is specifically designed for a car and it can effectively filter suspended particles with a diameter of 0.3- 2.5μm, such as inhalable particles, oil, smoke, dust, pollen, etc, and also reduce odours from pets, humans, food and smoke.

Good air in, bad air out!

The air purifier works with your regular 12V DC lighter charging point and also comes with a non-slip mat and a replacement filter. It isn’t exactly sleek, so hiding it out of view might be a challenge. But thankfully, the charging cable is long enough to find a resting place on the unused back seat or even under the front seat.

Two settings control the air flow from low to high, but beware, the “high” setting might be too loud for whispered conversations and will constantly remind you that there is something whirring besides the engine in your car.

Did we feel fresher and more energetic? Well, that’s hard to ascertain, but the BE purifier does a fantastic job of removing food odours from inside the car and prevents foul diesel smells from the outside to ruin that perfectly planned date.

The filter lasts for up to a month without needing a change, and that too depends on how often you use the purifier while driving. If you are anal about what you put in your system, this device might come in handy. And then again, if you own one of the new-generation cars with an ionising filter built into the car’s HVAC system, the obvious benefits of this purifier might be hard to tell.

But it’s still a better investment to make on your car than the silly reversing horns that do little to disperse cattle (or canines or humans) on your way to the parking slot.

You can zoom past the police barricade without an inch of stink in your not-so electric car (oh, the irony) for 6,990. Log onto breatheeasylabs.com and do your bit.