Sip like an Italian

Start your mornings with premium Italian coffee from Nettare

You deserve a coffee as much as Leonardo deserved an Oscar. And since he got what he deserved, why don't you get yourself something you deserve as well, and let’s keep it premium.

Nettare - a caffeine-addicted company - introduced their coffee capsules and espresso machine earlier this year in India.


So where does this coffee come from?

Well, after extracting the best coffee from countries like Brazil, Ethiopia and Colombia (we all know what these places are famous for), it is then taken overseas to roast at… you guessed right, Genoa, Italy.

As of now, you can only purchase the Puro Arabica coffee flavour which gives 100 capsules for 4008, but more flavours will be added to ensure that you’re as sprightly as a young goat on a Monday morning (or any morning).


Why a capsule? Can’t I simply toss in a few beans and get the work done?

Not if you want your coffee to taste truly Italian. Most machines use capsules these days - it helps bring out the richness and aroma of the flavour. The Prima Espresso machine uses hot water at high pressure to percolate through the tightly packed coffee ground and extract the essential oils from it. All of this is done for you on a push of a button.

You can buy the Prima Espresso machine for ₹10,950. Or just go all in and buy the combo pack, which includes 100 capsules, the coffee machine and a frother for ₹18,848.

Just so you know, this is what is served at most of the five-star hotel coffee lounges you visit. And here’s some number-crunching: One capsule will give you one cup of coffee. That’s 40 a cup. Do the maths viz-a-viz a cup of coffee at the Taj.