Oppo to launch the world’s first ‘1 billion colour phone’

And here’s why it’s different

Oppo has finally made official the launch date of its Find X3 Pro smartphone, that is its successor to the ultra-premium Find X2 Pro that was launched last year. While there have been enough rumours about the phone, revealing core and camera specifications. Oppo still seems to have left out a few interesting bits of information.

This would include its highlight feature a 1 billion colour display. But wait a minute… didn’t they launch that last year with the Find X2 Pro (and the OnePlus 8 Pro)? Well, if you look closely, Oppo calls it a ‘1 billion colour phone’ and that’s for a reason.

In a press release sent out to the media, Oppo explains that it would be the first phone (both across Android and iOS devices) to support a 10-bit colour system through and through. While many Android smartphones do get you a similar display, they lack support. It’s the sole reason why mobile video creators prefer an iPhone over an Android phone as the colour system simply syncs perfectly across devices and looks close to identical when you record video, view it on an iPhone and view or edit it on a MacBook Pro. It’s all down to Apple’s ecosystem that’s quite sorted when it comes to colour management. Android, not so much. It’s a bit of a mess. Android has yet to figure out colour management on a smartphone in terms of viewing, shooting and editing.

So, Oppo claiming to deliver 10-bit colour support is a big deal and will bring it on par with an iPhone 12 Pro Max in terms of video quality and colour management (especially for mobile video creators). Oppo claims it will make this possible on the Find X3 Pro using Oppo’s Full-path Colour Management system that according to the brand, “guarantees integrity at every point when it comes to colour”. This means that the results are true-to-life, evocative, rich visual experiences, from capture, to encoding, storage, decoding and display. It may not exactly be a proper comparison to iPhones and the Apple ecosystem (save for the 1 billion colour bit) but it sure is a big leap for Android!

The launch event for the Oppo Find X3 Pro will be streamed live via OPPO’s YouTube channel on March 11th 2021 at 17:00 (IST). So stay tuned for more updates!