MWC 2015: Samsung announces Gear VR for S6 and S6 Edge

A slightly tinier, more accessible feast for your eyes

Hot on the forehead of Samsung’s official Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge announcements comes the news that the two new phones will have their own Gear VR Innovator Edition to share.

Like the version that came out with Galaxy Note 4 (shown), the new edition is co-presented with Oculus. We had issues with visible pixels with that original version; perhaps that issue will now be reduced given the S6 and S6 Edge’s physically smaller QHD display - 577ppi instead of the Note’s 518ppi - plus the fact that the new VR itself is 15% smaller? Let’s hope so.

It should also feel lighter on one’s noggin; an issue if we really are expected to watch entire movies thus encumdered. On the subject of which, there has been no additional content or provider announcements, except that VR owners will get their fix from the Oculus Store, as before.

Price and availability also to be confimed: get a second monitor for your computer, Sellotape a cardboard partition to your face and watch these spaces.