Lofree is a mechanical keyboard for design lovers

Click-clack, the office has a new noise-maker

This seems like the answer to a question nobody asked.

Quite the opposite, actually. The question, of course, is “why do we make tech better?” The answer? “So that, in a few years, we can make something new that works like something old.” Which is exactly what the Lofree has done.

So it’s just a glorified typewriter? I’ve seen those before.

Well, it’s meant to be more than a showpiece. Yes, the round keycaps and mechanical elements are distinctly retro, but the rest is far from backwards. Wireless! Simultaneous pairing! Backlit! The Lofree’s got it all.

Wait, simultaneous pairing?

Or should that be trimultaneous? See, the Lofree tapper can talk to three devices at once - whether Windows, Mac, Android or iOS - though we imagine you’ll be able to switch between them, unless you like your writing in triplicate. Which isn’t, by the way, valid for your word count.

What about those colours? I need my mechanical letter machine to match my MacBook skin.

Ah, because you can’t go to your favourite cafe - sorry, coffee parlour - without a conscious/subconscious ensemble of colour co-ordinated kit? Well, not to worry: the Lofree comes in a host of colour combinations, including some distinctly 80s neon shades.

Can I pop off the keycaps to make naughty words?

Go back to spelling rude things on a calculator, you. But, yes, keys can be removed and, in the future, you’ll be able to switch different coloured caps in and out.

It uses the Apple Magic Keyboard layout, so it should suit Mac users straight away. Used to working with Windows? It’ll be a noisy learning curve.

You’ve pressed my keys. Where can I get one?

Nowhere, yet. The Lofree Keyboard is set to launch on Indiegogo come 7 March, with an early bird price of US$59 (around ₹4,000). Regular retail units will set you back a more costly US$99 (around ₹6,700).

Want to know more? You can sign up for updates at the Lofree website.