Get Fluffy to listen to Fluffhead

Spotify curates playlist for your pets

Forget those hour-long ‘Piano Compilation for Pets’ on random YouTube channels. Now Spotify has ‘Pet Playlists’ – a new experience where Spotify users can get an algorithmically curated playlist based on their tastes and their pet’s character attributes. And it’s not just any algorithm either. Before developing Pet Playlists, Spotify consulted with musicologist David Teie – a cellist with America's National Symphony Orchestra, who pioneered species-specific music and composed two albums of Music for Cats, and he advised on the general likes/dislikes of each animal – for example, dogs don’t respond well to music in the lower register as it’s often viewed as a threat. While each playlist is algorithmically created, David’s expertise impacted how the algorithm was programmed. Each Pet Playlist includes around 30 tracks based on the listener’s preferences that their pet is more likely to enjoy given it’s created based on their personality and characteristics. We still have to test how our pets react to these, but if you’re already on the bandwagon, do write to us or share videos of your furryhead’s reaction with us on our Insta.