Fully Charged: Apple claims Watch sales are up, and official PlayStation 4 media remote coming

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Apple claims Watch sales up

Apple revealed its quarterly earnings yesterday, and while the company didn't confirm the exact number of Apple Watch units sold during its first 2+ months on the market, its representatives had only positive things to say about its launch. "Well, of course they did," you'd rightly say. But after weeks of reports pointing to flagging sales for the wearable, it's interesting to hear the counterpoint.

Notably, CEO Tim Cook says that June was the Apple Watch's best month to date, which seems to buck those aforementioned reports, plus Apple's chief financial officer says that the Watch sold more in its first nine weeks than the iPhone and iPad each did back when. Additionally, it appears that Apple sold more than US$1 billion worth of the devices by the end of June.

Without actual sales figures, we can't know exactly how many watches were sold or whether Apple's claims are legit - and there will always be analysts, investors, and fans of competing products ready to slag the company's efforts. Perhaps the answer is somewhere in the middle, but at least it's no longer a one-sided argument led by detractors.

[Source: The Verge]

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Official PS4 media remote

If you've been looking around for an officially licensed PlayStation 4 media remote and coming up empty, know that hope is on the horizon: Performance Designed Products (PDP) is finally making one for release this October.

The Bluetooth remote looks like a standard TV clicker and can control your console, television, a set-top box, and your audio receiver, says Polygon. It also has DualShock 4-specific buttons, so you won't need your controller handy to use the thing. Sony may not be making this one itself, but it put its official stamp on the remote, which will sell for US$30 (nearly ₹2000).

[Source: Polygon]

Minecraft movie director named

The Minecraft movie has a new director, and it's a bit of a surprise: Rob McElhenney, the creator and co-star of crass (and hilarious) comedy series, It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia. Mojang announced the news yesterday, sharing photos of McElhenney from MineCon in London earlier this month.

McElhenney hasn't directed any feature films, but he's helmed several episodes of the decade-long ongoing series, which has spun out an impressive number of creative story concepts. Will he be the perfect match to create a Lego Movie-like phenomenon out of the Minecraft universe? Let's hope so.

[Source: Mojang]

New The Good Dinosaur trailer

Pixar took a few years off from original films, and we were all sad - but now the studio is back with two new original pictures this year, and both now seem intent on making us extra sad. The fantastic Inside Out certainly did that, and now The Good Dinosaur, due out on 27 November, will probably do much the same. Check out the affecting new trailer above.

[Source: YouTube]