Fiat’s new Abarth twins should keep petrolheads happy

The Punto Abarth hot hatch and the Avventura ‘powered by Abarth’ crossover pack a scorpion’s sting worth of turbocharged happiness

Hatchbacks are boring? You must be insane!

Hot hatches are the rage the world over, especially in the home of the small car, Europe. And it’s for a pretty good reason - you get performance and striking looks with a wallet-friendly price tag. So we’re really glad that Fiat’s finally introduced its performance brand, Abarth, over here as well.

First up is the new Abarth Punto. With 145hp on tap from its 1.4l turbocharged motor, Punto’s hotter version does the 0-100 sprint in 8.8s. Fiat also says it has given it a track-tuned suspension and all-round disc brakes to cope with the increase in power. Inside, you get Bluetooth, twin airbags, and Abarth race pedals. But there’s more for the extrovert in you - Abarth decals and badges to make your new hot hatch stand out at traffic lights, with new, 16in ‘Scorpion’ wheels making it even more of a looker.

Crossover fans, meanwhile, have the ‘Avventura powered by Abarth’ to look forward to. While the underpinnings remain pretty much the same as the regular Avventura, and you get the usual Bluetooth and twin-airbag package, there’s now a 1.4l turbocharged motor under the hood, with 140hp to give it a 0-100 time of 9.9s.

Prices for Fiat’s new Abarth twins start at 9.95 lakh.